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We are super excited to welcome new babycare range Fifi & Friends; founded by stylish mama Tamara Ecclestone to Gossip Station ahead of their launch in October. We came across the brand in Little London magazine and couldn’t help reaching out to the team as we loved the concept of all of the products being natural. Following a meeting in their Notting Hill HQ with the wonderful team where we discussed lots of exciting ideas, the brand is coming on board for the up and coming Alegre press day in November. We won’t reveal too much right now BUT all we are going to say is that it is going to be FABULOUS. So, enough blabbing from us, let’s get to it and discover more about F&F…

Thank you so much for joining us ahead of the BIG launch next week. Can you start off by telling us why the name Fifi & Friends?

Hello everyone and thank you so much for having us! So, Fifi & Friends has been conceptualised by our founder, (and fabulous mama) Tamara Ecclestone and is inspired by her daughter, Sophia, also known as Fifi. With Fifi at the heart of Tamara's latest move into parenting and a brand ethos that supports everything we create across baby care and content, which is friendly, honest and kind. That's the type of friend everyone wants, right? And so the name Fifi & Friends was born.

That definitely is the type of friend we want! So, you're preparing for the launch in the coming weeks / later in October, can you please tell us a little bit about the brand..

Fifi & Friends was founded by renowned businesswoman and devoted mother, Tamara Ecclestone, in April 2017. First, a content hub catering to parents across various stages of parenthood and soon to launch our very own natural baby care range too. We know there's nothing as difficult or as demanding as becoming a parent as you’re constantly learning on the job.

We know that all-hours googling any and every topic is almost inevitable (and totally normal too, BTW). We also know it’s a minefield out there. There is almost too much information to know where to start. Our content hub (http://www.fifiandfriends.co.uk/fifis-journal/) features articles by contributors, who are all experts in their respective parenting, health, beauty and wellness fields, and who, as parents, have all been there. The journal has been curated to inspire, advise and support parents-to-be and parents right now, through pregnancy, parenting and beyond.

Our collection of natural and effective bath & body products launches later in October so just a few weeks away. The good news is you can pre-order to secure your favourites: http://www.fifiandfriends.co.uk/pre-order-product/.

What an exciting time for you all! Is there anything coming up for F&F that you can give us an exclusive sneak peek insider info on?

We're putting together gift boxes, perfect for baby showers, or just when you want to brighten someone's day! Further down the line, we’ll be offering subscription boxes so you never forget your wipes, bottom butter or body wash again! There's so much more around the corner that we can’t wait to share with you, but be sure to follow our social channels where we make announcements and share updates in real time. Rumour has it, our newsletters are pretty fantastic too and you can sign up here: http://www.fifiandfriends.co.uk/newsletter/

What a fab idea to do gift boxes! We can’t wait to see how you put those together as we bet they will look beautiful. Can you tell us why cosmetics for kids are so important to Tamara?

Tamara, (as well as the vast majority of our contributors) is a parent first, and as such, simply wants the best for Fifi. Tamara also knows how important it is to have reliable, kind products for little ones. As a huge advocate for parenting, it's a natural move for her as a mum.

“I’m so excited to have Fifi & Friends come to life. I have wanted to do something that involved Fifi, parents, children, and babies for a really long time. My world revolves around my daughter, so it was a natural thing to do." – Tamara Ecclestone

We think that it is so important to have cosmetic products which are skin friendly! It is something we too take great care in. If you could choose one Fifi & Friends product which one would you choose?

It's so hard to pick just one! We would probably say the Daily Essentials gift box which comes packed with 6 baby essentials and features a cute Jellycat bashful bunny! Okay, we understand that's cheeky of us so if we had to choose just one…

It's got to be the Heavenly Scented Baby Mist which is a gently fragranced baby water that refreshes while naturally soothing the skin with Aloe Vera. It also works well as a pillow spray. This is a baby mist like no other, there's a reason it's our top-request on pre-orders right now. You have to smell it to believe it.

Oh wow that sounds incredible! We are going to hold you to that and make sure we get our hands on it as there is nothing better other than a soothing mist.

Ladies, it has been an absolute pleasure having you for a quick chat to discover more about Fifi & Friends! We are SUPER excited about next week and what’s to come in the near future. Here is to the launch and the press day! Wooo Hooo.

Alegre Besos xox

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