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We are so super excited to be joined by the girls behind creative agency Buttercrumble following coming across them via Instagram! After creating such a buzz at Bubble London we just couldn’t help reaching out! When we discovered more about their ethos and vibrant outlook on life we just had to do something with them! AND we are super duper pleased to tell you that we have an AMAZING collaboration which will be available to see at our Alegre Media Press Day! It is at the beginning of November and is going to be HUGE so please put it in your diaries. Anyways, let’s get to it before we get carried away…

Ladies thank you so much for joining us, can you please start off by telling us a little bit about yourselves and Buttercrumble…

We are Chloe and Abigail and together we form the creative duo, Buttercrumble. We produce fun and exciting visuals with an ethos of making others smile. We're twin sisters, both born and raised in the seaside town of Scarborough. This is also where the idea of Buttercrumble was born from the old family computer we used to share. Illustration and design have been life-long passions we have spent years refining. Eventually, we moved to the city of Leeds to study and now work.

We LOVE your fun loving ethos! That’s exactly what attracted us towards you after the buzz you were creating at Bubble! So, tell us, why the name Buttercrumble?

When we were preteens, we'd often share our illustration and design online in order to receive feedback. We both worked under separate usernames whilst creating similar work. Over time, we thought it made good sense to team up and collaborate since we were both following the same dreams! Buttercrumble was formed from the amalgamation of our two usernames. After all, sweetness is our weakness!

That’s so lovely that you can combine what you love and work together! The dream team! Where do you draw inspiration for your designs from?

Our work is often influenced by mid-century design and our love for all things vintage. The past is a treasure trove of inspiration and one we love to delve into. Another inspiration is Scandinavian design (which also emerged in the 1950s) because of its beautiful simplicity and timeless style. To be timeless is definitely an ambition of ours when being creative.

The Scandi style is so gorgeous!! Your sisters and you work together! Was this always something that you planned on doing?

We attended the same schools, had the same friends, likes, and interests. It seems only natural that we ended up working together too! Being twin sisters means we were born team-players and we had to learn how to co-operate (which isn't always easy). Now, it is an honour for us to be Buttercrumble together and we're grateful for the joy it brings us both each day.

OH MY we didn’t realise you were twins too that is so cool! So, last but not least, If you could collaborate with anyone who would you choose and why?

Our dream collaboration would have to be with a brand like Sanrio. Their happiness and fun-loving nature is something we resonate with as smiling is at the core of what we do. They've created a rich cast of characters from Hello Kitty to Pompompurin to Gudetama. They are too cute not to love! Introducing a little more love and optimism into the world through playfulness is an amazing feat and we aim to do this too.

SMILING is the best drug and we so agree that the world needs to be filled with love. Oh ladies we LOVE your ethos and we are so excited to have collaborated with you! We are just SO excited for everyone to see what we have created together. ALL we can say is that we are so glad that the universe brought us together to create something fun and fabulous.

Thank you so much for joining us for FAB FIVE and we are so excited for the near future.

Follow the girl’s story via their Instagram page here

Alegre Besos xox

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