EXCLUSIVE: SS18 Molo Collaboration

We are so excited to share this fabby mini collab between Little Revolution and Molo in celebration of the launch of their amazing new SS18 swimwear collection! Known for their bold prints and iconic styles season after season, Molo have not disappointed and it is great to see Dom rocking some of the styles whilst over in Oman on his hollibobs!

Want to see him putting Molo’s beachwear to the test? Check out this AM-A-ZING clip below on our YouTube page to see just how fabulous the pieces are and why you need to be investing in the styles for your minis to rock!

Is that not cool or is that not cool? We absolutely LOVE it! AND, Dom even took the time to answer some quick fire questions from us so that we could see just what he really thinks about Molo’s swimwear!

Dom, we cannot wait to hear what you think about the styles from the new collection! We absolutely love the pieces that you chose! So tell us, would you recommend molo swimwear to other kids?

Dom: Yes definitely! If they really love love swimming like me then they will like the pieces a lot! They are SO comfy and when I went underwater they didn't stick to my skin as much as some other swimming stuff does. They have a lot of texture and I love the designs! They have really thought about the designs haven’t they?

Woo! That is the answer we wanted to hear and we are so pleased that they are a winner with you! We have to agree, the designers definitely know their stuff! If someone could just have one item from the new collection, after trialling and testing the trunks and board shorts, which would you recommend?

Dom: I loved the neon shorts because when I was swimming at night you could see me!!

The neon print has got to be one of our favourites from the new collection! It is wicked! So, last but not least, what water animal would you be and why?

Dom: A penguin because they are awesome swimmers! I am obsessed with them!!

Ah we LOVE penguins too! They are so so cute and like you said, awesome swimmers! Dom, thank you so much for trying out the new collection exclusively for us! We are so pleased that you like it and are a Molo swimmers fan!

Shop the new collection online here and invest in THE coolest beachwear for kids!

Thank you so much to Dom for killing it in the new SS18 molo swimwear collection and to Danielle for capturing everything we think that it all looks wicked!

Alegre Besos xox


Molo SS18 Swimwear

Model: Dom Owen

Media: Danielle Owen @ Little Revolution

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