We are so excited to have web entrepreneur and fashion enthusiast Nathalie Genty from the super fabulous online designer kids retailing platform Melijoe join us for Gossip Station! We love Nathalie’s edgy taste in fashion and are so pleased to see that Melijoe is going from strength to strength since they launched in 2007; becoming a leading online destination for designer kidswear, stocking a fabulous selection of brands such as our very own molo. So, let’s get to it and discover more about this fabby online platform!

Nathalie, thank you so much for joining us. Can you please start off by telling us a little bit about your background and why you decided to set up an online designer kids shop called Melijoe…

I have always loved fashion from a very young age and when I had children a whole new world opened up for me. But I was surprised about the lack of inspiration in childrenswear - so my vision was to create the e-commerce site of my dreams: an easy to navigate store with the aesthetic of adult fashion.

One of my children is named Meli and Joe is one of my favourite names for a boy. We thought Melijoe has a beautiful ring to it.

We love the name and Melijoe and it is so nice that it has meaning to you! What is it about kids fashion that you love so much and do you have a favourite ‘go to brand?’

I love the fact you can play with kids fashion and adapt their styles to suit their personalities. I'm a big fan of Stella McCartney Kids and Molo.

What fab choices in brands! So tell us, what is it that makes Melijoe different?

We are very selective about our brands. We offer the best curated edit of 150 brands but there is a real range. We list the iconic designers but also small, up and coming independent labels, from the most exceptional to the most affordable. We are about mixing up styles and brands - dressing children according to their personality, championing their individuality and playing with fashion. For example, we love to see a gorgeous Gucci dress paired with a pair of Dr Martens or Converse trainers!

We produce inspirational shoots and fashion stories so that Melijoe becomes the ultimate children's fashion destination; offering a unique Parisian style perspective of course.

We absolute love the fact that you are all about mixing up styles and brands! We agree that there is nothing better than giving a child’s outfit its own special touch in order to match their personality! How do you balance motherhood and being an entrepreneur?

I purposely set up my office within close walking distance of home so I am always close by. And of course as a business owner, you do work long hours but at the weekends I switch off completely and the whole family and I retreat to our country house.

Isn’t that the truth but it is so nice that you have special family time on the weekend to create memories as those are the moments that are unforgetable! Can you recommend a new emerging brand that we should all put on our radar?

It has got to be Michaela Buerger or Milk & Biscuits.

Designer Michaela Buerger is the latest in a long lineage of knitters, and we at Melijoe just love her take on the tradition. For kids, that means basics with cool oversized knit-embroidery details.

Anglo-Chinese brand Milk & Biscuits had a stroke of genius with its arty-swingy-pop remix of classic posh dressing, turning out oversized garments with arty prints, fringes, and flashy colors. Totally offbeat.

Two fabulous brands! We shall have to keep an eye out on their activity! So, last but not least, what is style to you?

It has got to be inspiration.

Anyone who is not afraid to show off their individual style and is completely comfortable in their own skin is what inspires me most.

What a lovely way of putting it! We think that is the best way and people should be comfortable to wear whatever they feel comfortable in.

Nathalie, it has been such a pleasure having you on Gossip Station! We love what you’re doing and are so excited about the near future of Melijoe!

Besos Alegre Chicas xox

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