Joining us on Gossip Station for FAB FIVE is award winning entrepreneur Jo Wimble-Groves from parenting and travel blog Guilty Mother! She has got a killer smile so we are so pleased to have her on the show to discover some more about her whirlwind lifestyle!

Jo, thank you so much for joining us! Can you start off by telling us a little bit about yourself and your background... I started off as a young entrepreneur, falling into business with my brother back in 1996, almost by accident, but together we have created an amazing business together, called Active Digital. We provide smartphones, tablets and apps to business customers, many of whom are VIPs in the world of music and sport. Our award winning company is globally recognised for how we manage our customer experience. I love my company and the people I work with. You could say it was my first born, my baby!

Wow that sounds absolutely amazing and so lovely that you were able to start the journey with your brother! BUT what made you decide to do your own thing on top of the agency with your brother? After over twenty years business experience, I wanted to give back, so I started two projects on my own, which are deep rooted in my heart. The first is keynote speaking. I am a professional storyteller, so I now share my story to inspire women and girls to help them find their own confidence to follow their personal aspirations. I have a keen interest in helping children with confidence, so I go into schools, colleges and universities to deliver inspiring talks and workshops. I hope I can find our next generation of female founders!

I deliver talks on my own, but have also partnered with the former England rugby captain, Catherine Spencer and also with Olympic athlete, Michelle Robinson to deliver talks to women. As a trio, we are formidably strong force to be reckoned with. Girl Power indeed! I then decided to start blogging in January 2016 about managing the subject of 'mum guilt' as I work full time around my family commitments. I created an honest and light-hearted blog called Guilty Mother. The blog has grown so much and is now enjoyed by 41,000 followers. I still have to pinch myself to realise how far I've come.

Wow oh wow!! You are super lady! You have so many things going on, can you break it down a little bit for us by giving us a mini insight in to your schedule…

My business commitments mean my week can be very varied. They can be from travelling all over the UK and Ireland, to rocking up for a speaking engagement or mama’s meet up. I am happiest when I am on stage speaking to an audience. My business still carries a lot of commitment, so I tend to deliver talks or write my articles or blogs in the evenings and weekends. However, Sundays are always a family day, so I try and park the laptop to one side.

We love how passionate you are about what you do but that you also balance work with family life! Can you tell us about any of the projects that have you got coming up? I've been doing some work with amazing brands including Land Rover, Boden Clothing, The White Company and Martinhal resorts, so I'm really excited to see how those relationships develop further. The blog is continuing to grow and I've got some fantastic, inspiring events planned for 2018!

How exciting! We can’t wait to see it all unfold! So, last but not least, can you tell us what your life moto is? Put your hand up and give something a try. No matter how it ends, you'll always learn something from the experience.

Those are wise wise words and so true! It is always good to have tried then to not have tried at all as they say!

Jo, it has been so lovely having you with us as we know how busy your schedule is! We are so excited for the near future for you and are sending you so many good vibes for everything that you have coming up! We love how passionate you are and how you want to give back by inspiring young children with confidence! Please keep us updated on ALL as we love what you are doing!

Alegre Besos xox

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