New fashion brand Barn of Monkeys had been on our radar for a while following the buzz they created at last season’s Bubble around winning the ‘Rising Star Award!’ So, you can just imagine our excitement to be able to welcome them not only on to Gossip Station but also to the Alegre family! We are super excited to be able to discover a little bit more about them and their incredible brand as they launch their fabulous debut SS18 collection online TODAY!

Thank you so much for joining us! Can you please start off by telling us why you chose the name Barn of Monkeys…

Hello everyone and thank you for having us! When we chose the name for the brand we were seeking to create something that could share our studio and the environment of creative thinking that we work on. We wanted something beyond the name itself; to create a place where fashion, illustration and fun would get together. And then the Barn was born! We gather ideas to present stories that you can wear to the parents and our fellow mini friends. Our goal is for every piece of the collection to tell a story on its own way, educating through our fashion statement.

That’s amazing! We love how much care you put in to the creation of not only the pieces but the concept as a whole as it creates a fab story to tell people! Can you tell us why you have decided to launch of kids fashion brand?

Whom better than children to “drink” from the stories we have to tell?

Being in the fashion industry for already quite some time, we have been blending the technical knowledge with the inspiring idea of teaching children something through the clothing and guide them towards ethical and sustainable awareness from young age.

We love that! Can you tell us what fashion is to you…

For us, maybe this goes a bit out of the general concept but it is the action of creating a product for our current society. As we know cannons keep changing over the years, so as people, rules, types of statement and ways of expression as well. What keeps making it honest and truthful is the way we adapt it to what the world demands every season and to what society’s behaviour asks for. This is why we believe in fashion and in our story to tell.

What a response full of meaning! Super FAB-U-LOUS! Why should people invest in Barn of Monkeys?

We believe we have many stories to tell the little ones. We believe that casual and comfy is the new trend; we believe in colourful minds and textures, in the irreverent thinking. We believe in sustainability, in helping others helping the planet!

We believe in the fun we have cooking these ideas and how kids influence our photoshoots with the way they react to the theme we have for that collection. We do not believe in following a script, we like to share everyone’s flow with our concept.

With high quality standards in mind, we intend to bring a creative thinking for all, stopping gender separation of clothing and slow down the consumerism in general; investing on long lasting garments and slow fashion.

Love LOVE that! What is coming up for the brand? Can you reveal any secrets?

Our goal is to keep our creative minds busy and promote the learning through our stories. We have now for AW18, a capsule collection for Babywear from 6/9 months to 12/18 months of age. With this Baby collection we expect to fulfil the demands we had from SS18.

Organic and sustainable will always be one of our main concerns alongside our out of the box designs and gender standardization.

As “The secret is the key to success”, we expect to surprise every season and make along our path lots of mini friends, who can share our stories with us!

What an exciting time for you all with so many fabulous up and coming projects. We are SO excited to be able to join you on this journey and just can’t wait for people to join the Barn as we know they will LOVE it just like us.

Join the Barn TODAY here as their online webshop is now LIVE.

Besos Alegre xox

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