Moroccan Memories

We had been lusting after Marrakech for a long long time and after seeing The Inside Edit's fabulous Vlog we couldn't resist the temptation any longer. We grabbed our chicas and prepared for a mini getaway in the magical city.

We stayed at the AMAZING Riad BE Marrakeche which is an instagram favourite. Located in the heart of the Old Medina, Riad BE is just stunning; a tranquil escape from the craziness that awaits you on the outside. The staff could not have been any kinder if they tried. They were at our every beck and call; wanting to make our experience as perfect as possible. AND we can definitely say that they did exactly that.

Following our morning yoga session on the rooftop, BE Riad's gorgeous breakfast spread awaited us. The selection on offer surpassed our expectation. There was fresh fruit, yoghurt, toppings, flat breads, croissants, treats, jams and of course the famous mint team. It was all displayed so beautifully, and being able to indulge in their picturesque surroundings was just the icing on the cake.

There's only one way to describe the souks and that is mayhem. They are densely populated with so much happening that you feel like your eyes can't keep up with everything that is taking place. Not a second goes by without a vespa whizzing past you or a bicycle packed full of traditional Moroccan bread. As you snake your way through the little lanes you can't but help feeling a mixture of emotions. For some, the 'Old Medina' is too full on but for us it truly was a 'Melting Pot.'

At the end of the day, just before the sun sets, you make your way to Jemaa El-Fnaa square and find a rooftop café which overlooks the square. Head there earlier to guarantee a good seat as you would hate to miss out. We went to Café De France and it was perfect. As you sit there waiting for the sun set, you reflect on the day whilst watching the square come alive. Even though beneath you there's a wave of mayhem, you can't help but feel relaxed. Beyond the snake charmers playing their traditional Moroccan flutes and the hustlers on the market stalls hustling, the peacefulness of the sun set haze through the smoke almost hypnotizes you. At that moment, Marrakesh stole our hearts and sucked us in to their city of gold sparkly dreams.

During the day we explored the Souks whilst venturing from Café to Café. Our favourite market square was called Rahba Lakdima Spice Square. It is absolutely adorable with rooftop Cafe's over looking the square such as Nomad and Henna Café. If you are interested in Henna we would recommend getting it done here following a recommendation. We were told it is a risk on the streets so be careful.

You MUST go to the YSL Museum as well as Jardin Majorella. Even if botanical gardens or fashion aren't your thing they are right next to eachother and are a must. The YSL exhibition was hands down one of THE best we have EVER been to so DO IT! PLEASE!

In the evenings we ventured to some incredible restaurants such as Azar and Le Palace. If you're wanting a Moroccan show with belly dancing etc then Azar or Le Comptoir are the ones for you. BUT if you're wanting an 'experience' then Le Palace will treat you like royals. Being a group of girls, BE Riad organised a driver to take us and pick us up. Our driver Mohammed was so so lovely and it made everything so much easier. BE Riad can organise airport transfer too so don't be scared to ask.

On Friday's it is tradition to have couscous and Hammam. You must treat yourself to a Hammam and a Spa as it is the absolute dream. We did it at the end of our trip at Heritage Spa and it was AMAZING. The mint tea that will blow your mind so make sure you book in advance to avoid disappointment.

We think that the secret to Marrakech is having an open mind. Don't let the hustle bustle overwhelm you, embrace it and know that things won't always go to plan. Know that you will get lost in the Souks but that is all about the experience. If like us your sense of direction is not the best, our TOP TIP is to make sure you go with someone who knows their way our round as that was our life saviour. OR, talk to your RIAD as they can offer fabulous individuals to help you.

Enjoy a mini break with friends, family and/or loved ones in Marrakech as there really is something for everyone.

BE Marrakech and have a FAB-U-LOUS time <3

Besos Alegre xox

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