We are so excited to welcome the wonderful creator and designer of Spanish nightwear brand LaPiyama, Marta O'Connor to Gossip Station so that we can discover more about her beautifully classic brand. We first met Marta at FIMI tradeshow in Madrid following a trip to see our Spanish connected agency MILK COMMS. We were drawn to Marta's designs and after seeing the quality of the pieces and speaking to Marta about the brand we couldn't help but fall in love. So, without giving too much away in advance, let's get to it!

Marta, thank you so much for joining us. Can you please start off by telling us about LaPiyama and the story behind the brand...

Hello everyone and thank you for having me! Yes of course! So, LaPiyama is a high-quality sleepwear company created six years ago in Marbella, Spain. We design and manufacture pyjamas, nightdresses and dressing gowns for kids and teens aged 2-14.

We use only the highest quality materials and we produce everything in Spain.

Our designs are all based on the classics, with a contemporary twist. Each piece is cut for comfort whilst, at the same time, creating a modern distinctive style.

Our materials are carefully chosen to meet the needs of child and mother from tact to washability to durability.

Each pyjama comes specially packaged with its own specifically created perfumed scent that will stir the imagination of each child.

That's such a nice idea to create individual scents to accompany your products! So why did you decide to design PJs?

Being a Spanish mother of four kids, married to an Irishman, having lived in Ireland and travelled the world I had difficulty finding well designed, high quality sleepwear for my own children, at a competitive price.

The kind of pyjamas, made to detail, that I grew up with in Madrid, my hometown, that I couldn´t find anywhere any longer. I decided that if I couldn’t buy them, that I would then make them. AND that was how LaPiyama started!

We love that determined mind set! Spanish children are always so beautifully dressed! Can you tell us why you think the Spanish approach to children’s fashion is different?

In Spain there is a strong fashion culture not only for adults but also for children. We love to dress our kids beautifully, with the best quality fabrics and designs. We grow up this way so then do the same with our children.

Well it shows as they always look so gorgeous! Where do you draw inspiration from for your designs?

Our inspiration comes from Spanish clothing tradition but we follow closely the “latest news on fashion” inspired by trendy colours and new designs.

We love that you do that and it's fab because now PJ's aren't just for night time! They look so beautiful worn in the day too so you're on to a winner as you have pieces which fit that bill perfectly! Why should someone invest in LaPiyama? What makes your brand so special?

Behind each and every set of pyjamas there is a highly skilled team of local artisans specialising in design, patronage, cutting and sewing with more than 30 years’ experience in the textile field.

We are proud to say that LaPiyama is 100% made in Spain, supporting small local Spanish workshops.

Our materials are carefully chosen to meet the needs of the child and mother. That's from tact to washability to durability. Each pyjama is made to detail, looking after each stitch.

We prefer quality to quantity creating limited editions to make special nightwear for people like you.

That's so nice as everyone likes to feel special. Especially at bedtime!

Marta, thank you so much for joining us and for telling us a little bit more about the fabulous LaPiyama. We are so excited about the future of LaPiyama and to be able to reveal more about up and coming projects SOON!

Shop LaPiyama online here and make your children's sleepwear that EXTRA bit more wonderful. We think that you'll be sold and be a LaPiyama lover.

Alegre Besos xox

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