We are so excited to be joined by the fabulous creator Prudence Maltby of Goose & Dust; a wonderful accessories brand from Australia specialising in eyewear. We first came across this stylish brand via the wonderful photographer Nadja Pollack who used some of our clothing pieces to shoot the Goose & Dust campaign. The images that were created look absolutely amazing and the conversation with Prudie flowed from there. We adore the Goose & Dust eyewear so couldn’t resist asking Prudie on Gossip Station to find out a lil bit more! So, without any more blabbing from us, let’s get to it!

Prudie, thank you so much for joining us for FAB FIVE it is lovely to have you with us! Can you start off by telling us why you decided to call your brand Goose & Dust…

Hello everyone and thank you for having me! Goose & Dust are my kids nicknames (Lucy and Dustin). Our logo is a funny little drawing of my son as a baby. He was born without very much hair but what he did have was long and stood straight up.

Aww that is so cute! We love it when the name has meaning! Especially, when it is a personal one as it creates a FAB story! Can you tell us a little bit about your wonderful brand…

Goose & Dust is all about kids following their passions, exploring and running amok. We started out creating accessories that allowed kids to do this while remaining protected from the sun.

Eyewear has always been my passion and overtime we have become an Eyewear specialist focusing on Sunglasses as well as Optics. Being a parent going through the process of my child needing glasses was a real eye opener for me in a few ways. Firstly, I was shocked to learn the numbers around the increasing rates of children requiring glasses due to increased screen time in classrooms and everyday life. Secondly, I felt there should be more choice for kids and parents around the style of frames available to kids.

That’s what we LOVE so much about the brand! Letting kids be kids whilst following their dreams! The BEST and the way it should be! BUT out of anything you could have created, why kids sunglasses?

I have always been very sun safe having fair skin and a grandparent who passed away from melanoma. When I had my daughter I would notice on our walks that she would be squinting in the pram while I was quite happily wearing my sunglasses.

After a little research the message really hit home for me that most UV damage to the eyes happens in childhood and I began looking for a pair of sunglasses for her.

Being a fashion lover I felt something was missing from the options out there and I set out to create something myself.

We are so sorry for your loss! The sun really is something else isn’t it?! Can you reveal any sneak peek info about what’s coming up for the brand?

Yes... hopefully it will be ready for the Australian summer. We are working with a new recycled material.

That’s so exciting! We can’t wait to see everything when it is launched! So, you’re based in OZ, you create gorgeous eyewear BUT where is your favourite destination for a holiday? It can be summer or winter…

This is very hard for me to answer because I love to travel anywhere. If I had to pick one I would say Hamilton Island, sitting at the One Tree Hill lookout and watching the sunset across all of the Whitsunday Islands. It is pretty memorable.

We have heard about Whitsunday Islands and it sounds insane so if you say that it is something else then it must be. We shall have to add that to our endless travel bucketlist. Prudie, it has been a FAB-U-LOUS having you join us and we can’t wait for what’s to come. All we can say to people is to watch your space as there is lots of exciting things coming up.

Shop Goose & Dust iconic pieces online here.

Besos Alegre xox

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