After connecting with Loow Fat Kids on social media we just haven’t been able to get enough of this super funky streetwear brand. Creator and designer Zuzana kills it with her branding. Her creations are strong, bold and iconic; a combination which we just love! We have worked with the brand on editorials and it has received such an incredible response so we are so excited to be able to not only welcome Zuzana on the show but that Loow Fat can be involved in the up and coming AW18 Press Day this June. So, without any more blabbing from us let’s get to it!

Zuzana, thank you so much for joining us it is fab to have you! Can you start off by telling us why you decided on the name Loow Fat Kids?

Hello everyone and thank you for having me. I wish we had a crazy story to tell but the brand name doesn't have any hidden meaning or anything. We were thinking of the name and by co-incidence my man was working on another project at that time where he used the words "low fat". We really liked it but wanted to give it a twist which is why we have added another "o!” It also distorts the meaning of low fat and make’s it our own words somehow which is what we wanted.

We love the way you have given it a twist! Where do you draw inspo from for your wicked designs?

My inspo comes out of the current streetwear trends connected with my own design and fashion perception. At the end, the designs are guided and finalized by my man. He is a graphic designer with a very good sense and fashion review so the designs are only finished after his approval or editing.

You guys make a great team! Can you tell us about Loow Fat Kids...

Loowfat KIDS is a small fresh brand wanting to bring mamas a statement clothing line which makes people turn around. We strive to make clothes that are durable, of a high quality and comfortable for kids to wear in their everyday adventures. We are based in the beautiful city of Prague in Czech Republic and have two crazy boys who are a big inspiration to us.

Well, you should feel very proud as your brand ticks all of your wishes as we have not only worked with it but have heard the response from Mum’s on set! WINNER! You are so creative but who is your style icon?

There are many icons who I like to watch because of their fashion sense, spontaneity and so on. Currently, from the kid influencers I love the style of @g.von.g. She is and will be an icon for many people for sure. From adults, it's Virgil Abloh because I simply love everything he produces within the brand Off-white. I feel it SO much.

For women, I like Kristen Noel Crawley. I love how she is making her KNC beauty kingdom! I have many many more but that is just a few for now…

You have nailed it! We absolutely LOVE Giana’s style and think that Virgil Abloh’s designs are just ACE! AND Kristen’s style is UNREAL! AMAZING choices! Ok, so if you could collaborate with anyone who would you choose and why?

If it could be anyone, I would go for Off-white, Supreme or Palace. These brands are ll close to our style so they’re the first that come to my mind. But it is a bit unreal though!

We love all of those brands they are wicked and a collaboration with either of them would be incredible! We think that you should go for it as anything is possible!

Zuzana, thank you so much for joining us it has been fab having you so that we can discover more about you and your incredible brand. We LOVE what you are doing and are so excited to be working on projects with you! All we can say is…bring on the AW18 press day as we just know that people are going to love all things Loow Fat!

Shop the fabulous collection online here and share the love.

Besos Alegre xox

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