We are so excited to welcome the wonderful Mama and Son duo Cordelia Esson and King Che. We have known Cordelia and King Che since the launch of Alegre Media and they have always been so supportive of everything that we get involved in. You can’t help but adore them both; such humble genuine people. We recently worked with King Che at Mini Mode where he not only killed the runway but showed us backstage that he has quite the eye for style; getting involved in putting together the final touches for the outfits before they hit the catwalk.

So, it is with great pleasure that we can welcome them on to the show to discover some more about their fabulousness.

Thank you so much for joining us guys it is fab to have you with us! Ok, we just have to start off by saying how much we love your style! Where do you draw inspiration from for your looks?

Cordelia: Thank you...I always feel inspired by vintage clothes. I really like putting pieces together to create unique looks.

King Che: I get my inspiration from Diddy because I love his fab style - it reminds me of myself!

We love what you both mix together! This may be a difficult question but who is your style icon?

Cordelia: I love June Ambrose, Tanique Coburn and Amanda - London Girl In New York.

King Che: King Combs because his style is quirky and unique!

The best! Ok, what do you think the secret is to success?

Cordelia: Hard work, dedication with a willingness to take risks and perseverance.

King Che: To be humble and work hard!

Staying humble is a huge one we love that! Cordelia, your son King Che is making his mark in the fashion industry...he walks the runways, he's got a killer eye for styling and he has his own clothing brand! You guys make a fab team...how do you juggle it all?

Cordelia: Thank you so much! I have always been taught to get things done without thinking about it too much. Somehow we make it work, we vibe off of each to make it work for us.

King Che: We both have a great bond and think alike which makes what we do together 10 times easier.

That you do! We love both your bond and vibe with eachother it is so lovely to see! Can you tell us what's coming up for you both? Can you reveal any secret exclusives?

Cordelia: King Ché has exams coming up, so he’s studying (school work and piano). He also has an exclusive tee coming which will be revealed very soon. Lots more fashion coming, more styling and more modelling so can he tick ‘super-model’ off his list.

King Che: I will be in the new movie ‘Are We Dead Yet’ coming out later this year!

Ah YEAS that is amazing! Wow you guys have a lot of exciting things going on AND we can’t wait to see it all unveil. All we can say to people is to watch your space as there’s going to be lots happening. Best of luck King Che in your exams you will smash them we are sure. Until the press day you fabulous duo and thank YOU so much for joining us.

Besos Alegre xox

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