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We are so excited to be joined by the super fabulous Phoebe Snell aka Phoebe Creative who we have collaborated with on an AMAZING new illustration! Phoebe is one of our nearest and dearest friends and she has seriously outdone herself! The new illustration is incredible and we are so excited about the BIG reveal which will be at our AW18 Press Day at The Ace Hotel, Shoreditch, June 7th! You are not going to want miss out in seeing it in the flesh as the messaging is VERY strong and touching! BUT before then, we have grabbed Phoebs for a quick FAB FIVE on Gossip Station so we can discover a lil bit more about this crazy cat!

Phoebs thank you so much for joining us on THE day of the digital release of the illustration! We are SO excited to have you on the show for a quick chat! So, can you start off by telling us what the meaning of creativity and art are to you?

Hi everyone! Thank you so much for having me on such an exciting day! To me, creativity and art are a way of expressing how you're feeling at the time or a reflection of something you are influenced by.

I think it can be a force which comes from different places for different people. Personally, I think I'm most creative when I am relaxed and happy.

We have so much wonderful diverse work from thousands of artists today that each piece is so inspiring and unique in its own way. Art is really just a way of communicating and talking to others and that is why I love it so much as it connects people in ways that are sometimes indescribable.

You took the words right out of our mouths! That is why we too love art so much! So tell us, how would you describe your work?

I love big themes, bright, bold shapes and colours! I’d describe my work as quite eclectic and experimental.

I like to adapt my style to whatever I’m into at the time or it may just be influenced by something I've seen that day!

I use a variety of mediums to create my work and often combine digital and non-digital techniques. I’ve always been more of a visual communicator than a written one.

I swayed more to Art Direction than Copywriting when studying Advertising at Leeds College of Art. I've always been into drawing and really wanted to be a Fashion Designer when I was younger.

In the past, I’ve tended to limit myself mainly to commercial advertising work but more recently I've realised I'm driven to make Art and other kinds of visual communication.

I think all art has an interesting message or strong emotion behind it.

Like you, we adore bright and bold pieces with injections of colour which is why we LOVE your style of work! Where do you draw inspiration from for your designs?

I’ve always been influenced by artists like Salvador Dali and other Surrealists like Picasso. I also have a lot of respect for classic Painters.

I’m influenced by a lot of Street Artists and up and coming Illustrators. There is so much talent around and you can find never ending inspiration wherever you are! I also get loads of inspiration from the people and the places around me.

Anything can become an inspiration; from an interesting pattern to new and exciting places and cultures. New places often bring with them new colours and landscapes. I found this on an amazing recent trip to Marrakesh.

I like to inject some fun into my work to make people smile which I think is why I’m always drawn to the slightly more experimental artists.

I don't like to take myself or my work too seriously. I think having fun and experimenting is always key to producing something great as that’s where creativity comes from after all!

We completely agree! If there’s no fun in something what is the point? Can you tell us about how you and Alegre worked on the concept for this project?

Kate is a close friend of mine and I've always admired her tenacity, creativity, and way with people. Her brand is inspiring and something I’ve always loved getting involved in; attending Press Events, Shows and generally helping out!

Kate always puts a lot of work and thought into everything she does with Alegre. The passion and drive behind her work are always clear to see. I was very excited to work with her and make inspiring work together! It’s been so much fun working and collaborating with Alegre.

From the beginning, we knew we wanted to incorporate a strong positive message into the design. We both agreed that at these times it's important to focus on what's good in the world.

We wanted to reflect positive movements going on, such as the Save the Children LA march.

We wanted a striking and thought-provoking image with a message behind it, but one that was also fun and relevant for kids.

Pulling at our hearts strings Phoebs! You are the dream to work with and we have LOVED sharing this incredible project with you as the messaging is so close to both of our hearts! Can you tell us what's coming up for the fabulous Phoebe Creative?

To work on some more Illustration projects and to keep developing my digital skills. I’m always learning new skills to fully execute my creative ideas into pieces of work I love.

I like my work to be quite fluid and I don't often put boundaries on what I want to do before I start! It's quite interesting to see where projects end up when originally you may have had a completely different concept in mind!

Well, we can only see you flourishing as you’ve got an amazing eye! Phoebs, you have been FAB-U freaking LOUS and we are so excited about not only this project but the near future for Phoebe Creative. Thank you for everything and see you at the BIG REVEAL.

Follow Phoebe’s work via her Instagram page here

Alegre Besos xox

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