We are super excited to have the fabulous Emma Wright on Gossip Station for FAB FIVE! We were first introduced to Emma’s work at Mini Mode in February after covering the event. She produced a fabulous collection of images to showcase the show and we couldn’t resist asking her to snap away at the up and coming Alegre Press Day! So, in the lead up to the big day June 7th we thought we would take a mo to have a quick little goss to find out more about the talented chica!

Emma, thank you so much for joining us! Can you start off by telling us how you got in to photography?

Hello everyone! Yes of course, I have always been creative and studied Drama & English at university. After that I worked in retail and swiftly moved into visual merchandising. This covers store layouts and how products are presented alongside the theatre that windows and displays create. I worked for brands like Levi’s & Selfridges.

At the time that I was creative manager for Selfridges, Manchester Trafford store and my sister had her first child, a boy. I used to buy my nephew clothes and saw the limited range for boy’s verses girls. From this my sister and I opened a children’s clothes store called Ten Little Monkeys. It was a creative store and we gained recognition in the industry for our brand mix and store look. We brought several brands to the UK.

I started to shoot for our online store and that is very repetitive photography but the editing is advanced. I started taking pictures of my nephews just as an outlet and people saw them in the store and started asking me to shoot for them. I said no for a couple of years as I had always loved fashion magazines and I couldn’t yet shoot with a coherent style like I saw in the photography that I loved. I taught myself photography and editing. I literally shot my cat every day for 2 years learning different aspects of photography & editing. From this, I started a blog with a photo a day and it gained followers. I started accepting commissions and brands approached me to shoot for them. We closed our store 4 years ago and I’ve been a full time photographer since. I had my daughter in 2014 and only had 3 weeks maternity before I was shooting for The Little Tailors campaign shoot. I photograph kids and food.

Wow what an exciting journey you have had! So many congratulations to you for following your dream and working at it that’s incredible! Is there a creative who you admire?

Peter Lindbergh

Arthur Elgort

So many! As I studied and learnt photography I found the photos that I had loved over the years were by a small group of photographers that are my favourites. Peter Lindbergh & Arthur Elgort are my favourites. With Lindbergh I love how so much of his work is black and white which isn’t standard within the fashion industry. I also love Bill Cunningham who is an inspiration and a true creative. The documentary about his life I watch again and again. I also love Garance Dore who is an illustrator, blogger, photographer, and storyteller. Her blog is something that I read every week.

We love following creativity! Is there a project you’ve work on which has stood out and been your favourite to date?

I travelled to Paris earlier this year with Ava who is a model who I had shot before and we shot an editorial story there. It was freezing as it was in January and we were shooting with clothes from a summer collection. The city was crowded but Ava is a pro and we shot the story. It was fun and we all laughed so much. The finished images look far warmer than it actually was! I love my images to be routed in a location and I had location scouted the shoot 2 years before. The shoot had been in my head for a while until I cast the right model. Ava is only 8 but I think we will shoot together for years to come!

Ava is absolutely fabulous! We first met her at the Alegre Press Day in November and then again at Mini Mode! Like you said, she is a prop! How would you describe your work?

I love films and definitely draw from cinematic influences. My images have a fashion editorial look to them. I read fashion magazines for 20 years before picking up a camera. I also studied art when I was learning photography so I think there is an illustrative quality to my work. It always has a story telling narrative to it too. I don’t explain the stories but they are always there. I leave it open for other people to make their own stories.

Everything we have seen that you have done so far we think is FAB-U-LOUS so please do keep it coming! If you could work/collaborate with anyone, who would you choose and why?

I would love to collaborate with so many brands who make kidswear fun. There are lots of fantastically creative brands out there that I love from the crazy Bang Bang Copenhagen to the romantic Tutu Du Monde to the cool IKKS. I would also love to shoot for brands like Zara. Really the industry is huge and I just enjoy creating the magic!

Keep on doing your thang as they say and we are sure that good things will come for you! Emma, it has been a pleasure! We are so excited to have you involved in the Press Day and for everything else coming your way.

Check out Emma’s work via her website here.

Besos Alegre xox

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