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Wow wow wow! We cannot believe that Mini Mode has been and gone! It has all been such a whirlwind BUT the love that has been shared has been incredible and we cannot thank everyone enough for their undeniable support! It really is so appreciated and makes all of the hard work so worthwhile when you see the love and happiness that is shared! So, for THAT we send you all so many besos.

Photo credit: Emma Wright

The show took place at the LSO ST Lukes in Old Street and the venue was incredible. The London Balloon Boutique created an INSANE display of gorgeousness that gave the room that extra WOW factor and everyone loved taking their photo against it! We think that you’ll all agree when we say that you can’t help but LOVE a beautiful balloon feature.

Goodies were provided by Willow and Boo! As always, they created beautiful lollies that the models and guests loved tucking in to during the event!

Photo credit: Dave Benett @ Daily Mail

Our fabulous Mini Mode bags were designed by the wonderful printing company RDMgregg! Check them out on the front row with Girls Aloud pop star Kimberley Walsh who was showcasing her newly launched brand KimbaKids on the Mini Mode Runway.

We had such an INCREDIBLE selection of brands being showcased at both the Industry and Consumer show. The models did such an AMAZING job and rocked the runway in style; doing the brands all insanely proud! Thank you so much to Signature and Mini Models agency for supporting as always and to all of the other agencies.

Kimba Kids

JNR Nation

Liberated Folk

Roses & Rhinos

Pez Punto

Bebebe Company

Isossy Children

Jenni Dezigns

I Scream

Koh Mabby

Deena London


Hugland by Haglund

Adam & Louisa


Coco Chic

Infantium Victoria

ARI London

Hunter & Boo

Small Stories

Photo credit: @Tosh73, TeasyShiruoSun

Photo credit: @Tosh73, Chakra Design

Little Borne

Leya Me

Photo credit: Emma Wright, Zoobug London

Photo credit: Emma Wright

Phoot credit: Angela Mazur, Yoi Socks

Photo credit: @photography_ht_, Sarbear

Shokunin Shoes

Photo credit: Emma Wright, Tarantela

It really was a GLOBAL event as we had mini models and influencers flying in from across the globe to participate in the show. We really are overwhelmed with the supper and effort that they made in order to do this! Huge shout out to @noyemipia who came from Turkey, @jeyda_azmi from Australia and our @macaroniskids creator along with her gorgeous models! We really are so appreciative AND to all of our other global influencers who couldn’t join us for the big day!

The super fabulous Becky Seager and Yvadney Davis put together two editorial looks each and they were absolute FIRE.

Photos by Bear and Pine and looks styled by Yvadney Davis

Photos by Bear and Pine and looks styled by Becky Seager

Fabulous presenters and creatives did an AMAZING job in entertaining the crowds with their talents.

Photo credit: Emma Wright

Maisie Young on the decs

Photo credit: Emma Wright

Denny Ash doing a monologue dressed in Loud Apparel

Photo credit: Angel Mazur

Olivia rapping dressed in Loud Apparel

Photo credit: thePublishr

Bollywood Dancers

Photo credit: Emma Wright

Josie True Maisey dressed in Loud Apparel

Photo credit: Emma Wright

AND presenters Inspiring Vanessa, King Che (both dressed in Loud Apparel) and Ryhanna Parara wearing Infantium Victoria

Above ALL of this we had a fabby buyers lounge where press could browse the runway brands in their own time.

Photo credit: Emma Wright

The styling, production, makeup team and parents who all pitched in to help; You all did absolutely incredible as we know that the day is such a whirlwind. For that, we cannot send you enough love as you are all the ones who help to make the event a success so THANK YOU!

Photo credit: Emma Wright

BUT...Amanda Rabor! So many congrats to you as though Mini Mode you are giving children a platform to build their confidence and to join together as one through love and happiness. Thank you for allowing us to be on your journey and for believing in Alegre.

So many besos and to many more AMAZING shows!


Photos: Credited as each

Head Stylist: Becky Seager

Assistants: Michelle Pierre-Carr, Kate Hill, @aftonayache_creation, @boyswhomodel, @carlagarry33, @elaikovska, @katieevertonn, Infantium Victoria AND Mama Hill to name just a few

H&M: Wow Beauty

AND huge thanks to Rockahula Kids, Little Hotdog Watson, Goose & Dust, Lala and Pom Kids, Laney Clothing and Meri Meri for supporting us.

Besos Alegre xox

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