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After Roses & Rhinos took everyone by storm at Mini Mode we are so excited to reveal an exciting collaboration between them and fabulous photographer Emma Wright!

Photo credit: Emma Wright, H&M: Wow Beauty, Head Stylist: Becky Seager, Assistant Stylists: Michelle Pierre-Carr and Alegre Media

The brand had such an incredible reception on the runway and we wanted to keep that buzz going post show which is why we decided to do a mini shoot post show to showcase exactly what Roses & Rhinos is all about.

The collection is so much fun as it is so bright and colourful! Emma and the models worked their magic and have showcased the pieces in pure style! Here's a sneak peek at the final result but head on over to our Pinterest page here to see the full set of GORGEOUS snaps.

Thank you so much to Emma and the models for doing such a wonderful job you're all stars.

Remember kids be FEARLESS in Roses & Rhinos.


Photography: Emma Wright @emmawrightphotography


Adyann @itsmeadyaan

Florence @florence.moluluo represented by @rayandrobin

Max @max_georgej represented by @mentormodels

Creative: Alegre Media @alegremedia @kate_e_hill

Clothing: Roses & Rhino @rosesandrhinos

Besos Alegre xox

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