New Music...

It has been a busy couple of days of new releases from Kidz Bop USA and we are so excited to share the material with you. Get your dance moves ready as you're going to be needing them with their new singles 'Coming Home' and 'High Hopes!'

We thought we would give you a double whammy and hit you with them both at once so here goes it!

'High Hopes'

Brands included: Custom Laney Clothing, Bershka Collection, Ego Official, Shoreditch Shorties London and Molo

'Coming Home'

Brands included: Custom denim and Loud Apparel

Thank you so much to all of the brands who supported us in this project we are so appreciative. We are so excited for their Global Tour and hope that you have checked the UK dates as the shows are going to be FABULOUS.

Head Stylist: Gemma Sheppard

Assistant: Kate Hill @ Alegre Media

Besos Gemma and Kate xox

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