GOSSIP STATION: Fontaine Boy X Shoreditch Shorties London

Not only are we huge fans of @Fontaine.Boy Dom but we adore Shoreditch Shorties London so when we heard about their fabulous collaboration we were beyond excited. We have done lots of projects with them both; Shoreditch Shorties London is a huge support with Kidz Bop and Dom has done Alegre Press Days, brand collaborations, editorials - the list goes on! All we can say is that they are ooth beyond amazing and wonderful to work with. Dom has got a heart of gold and is always doing incredible projects to raise awareness.

The environment is something that is incredibly important to Dom and something that he takes a big interest in. Shoreditch Shorties got in touch via Instagram after seeing one of Dom’s stories on his profile where he was talking about plastic straws. Shoreditch Shorties creates custom design garments and thought that a collaboration with Dom could be a fabulous way to raise awareness of this. Dom drew the design and Shoreditch Shorties produced the organic cotton T-shirt to help raise money for the 'Plastic Oceans UK and 'Surfers Against Sewage' charities.

We LOVE this collaboration and the fact that Dom and Shoreditch Shorties are doing something to make a difference.

We grabbed a moment with Dom to find out some more in a quick fire interview! Dom, thank you so much for joining us we LOVE what you are doing.

Can you start off by telling us how would you describe your T-shirt?

The idea behind the design is to show on a global scale how our seas are getting swamped by plastic and also how the ice is melting away.

What makes you so passionate about changing peoples ideas on plastic?

I’m so passionate because I’ve seen animals die because of it. They can get trapped in it or swallow it and it makes me sad.

It's so sad how much it is damaging our environment! Why do you think it’s important for your generation to be more aware of the environment?

We are the future and if we don’t start protecting the planet it will start to lose its beauty.

What a lovely way of putting it! Can you give us a few examples on how you’ve cut plastic out of your day to day life?

We’ve stopped using plastic straws and swapped them with metal straws. I’ve now got a bamboo toothbrush instead of plastic one and I use plastic free shampoo/ body wash which is like a bar of soap which you can reuse. They don't come with plastic packaging which is great.

We have seen so many people talking about these! Can you please tell us what the next steps are for you?

I’m looking to set up an eco council at my school to get a group of us together to change the world. I’d love to organise group litter picking sessions and to design my own eco friendly products.

What a lovely thing to do! Dom we love what you have Shoreditch Shorties have done and how much you are putting our environment first. Keep on doing your thing as it is AB FAB!

Please support this fabulous cause but purchasing a tee! They are available to buy here.

Let's take action and save our planet as like Dom said, it is beautiful and we cannot ruin natural beauty.

If you haven't yet entered Junior Style's competition to design a tee with Shoreditch Shorties then please do so here.

Besos Alegre xox

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