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We are so excited to share the images from a wonderful project 'Your Mom Cares' that Emily Kornya contacted us about being involved in.

Your Mom Cares is a charity co-founded by Sharon Feldstein (Mom of actors Jonah Hill & Beanie Feldstein) and Patsy Noah (Mom of Maroon 5's Adam Levine). The organisation was set up in 2014 following Sharon and Patsy who are lifelong friends attending a meeting at The White House alongside other moms to do a PSA for The Affordable Care Act. Whilst being there, they realised the power of the 'Your Mom Care's concept and were granted permission by The White House the take ownership of #YMC.

The idea of YMC works to expand the field of mental health and change the dialogue from mental illness to mental wellness. We absolutely adore the messaging and what the charity is setting out to do so when Emily contacted us about being involved we were beyond grateful as the messaging is so powerful and positive.

Here's a peek a some of the gorgeous shots taken for the project...they are GORGEOUS!






Thank you so much to Emily and to Sharon for involving us in such a wonderful project we absolutely adore the photographs that you have shot and the awareness you are creating.


MIA (denim dress by Loud Apparel, glitter sweater by Molo) - Agency Zebedee , insta @miahallows_zebedee ELIJAH (beige shorts by Molo) - Agency Zebedee , insta @everyone_loves_lijah LOUIE (green pullover by Molo) - Agency Urban Angels ZAHN (black tee by Loud Apparel) - Agency Zebedee ISABELLE (jean jacket by Loud Apparel) - Agency Tiny Angels, insta @isabelle_lavinia_mckenzie BECCA (white dress by Loud Apparel) - Agency Zebedee , insta @lottiebex750 Styling Sharon Feldstein Photographer: Emily Kornya

Discover more about the charity online here and see how you can get involved.

Pictured above: Co-founder Sharon with the models on set

Besos Alegre xoxo

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