Rush UK...

Too much time is spent on screens and not enough on actually seeing what is going around you with your eyes. As you know we are BIG on health and fitness so when we came across Rush UK we were sold on the idea.

Rush UK is a state of the art brand of trampoline parks in Birmingham and High Wycombe started by Sam Williams who realised there was a gap in the market for something that combined fitness and fun away from screens.

Safety, fun, fitness and family time are at the heart of Rush’s ethos. AND if a family activity is good for your heart, soul and waistline, what’s not to love?

Take our advice and book your next day out at Rush as we are sure that it will be WINNER for everyone involved.

Say no to screens and YES to living in the present.

Enjoy beautiful people and get back to basics.

AND for all the stylists in the world looking for an action packed shoot location, Rush is available for hire.

Besos Alegre xox


Photo of Sam Williams: Photographer is Conor Sheeran @ Suburbia Photo

Rush UK Photos: Stylist: Nadine Brower @

Models: Tring Park School

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