HEY HEY people we are SO excited to finally be able to share exclusive to our fabulous Hooligans Magazine Hunnais 'ALL TOGETHER NOW!'

Shooting this story was BEYOND magic and we hope that you feel all of the LOVE which went in to it! The team was AMAZING and this gang...well...they are just THE best! There was ALOT of laughs and ALOT of FUN! That's why...'ALL TOGETHER NOW' is just THE perfect theme for the snaps as that it what it is and was ALL about.

Thank you SO much to everyone who came on the journey with us we adored every minute and hope that everyone feels the love in these photos that was shared whilst shooting them.

AND just becasue we want you to feel the VIBE...please check out this fab lil video we shot on set via our YouTube page below.

Please head on over to the wonderful Hooligans Magazine blog post here to see the full post.

Team credits:

Photographer: Julia Roder @julia.roder.kids Stylist: Kate Hill @kate_e_hill @AlegreMedia Models: Markel & Enara @markel_enara Rayan @rayandavid__zuloaga Martina @martinacabrera06 and Noah @noah_hip_hop

Brands: Rich Fashion, Molo, Loow Fat Kids, Converse, Nike

Besos Alegre xox

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