Wow, Wow, Wow!! What a whirlwind couple of days it has been for the Kidz Bop groups! The media just keeps on coming and the content is out of this world! We hope that you are ready for the latest all in ONE as it is AB FAB!

Kidz Bop UK ' Someone You Loved' BTS

Kidz Bop USA X Barbie 'All I Want For Christmas'

Brands included: Molo, Angels Face, Neon Panda, River Island, Sock Shop UK, Maa Shoes, River Island and Moque Official

Kidz Bop UK 'All I Want For Christmas' Dancealong

Brands included: Molo, Angels Face, River Island, Meri Meri Party

Kidz Bop USA X Barbie 'Jingle Bells'

Brands included: Meri Meri Party, Angels Face, Dr Martens @ Exposure America, Sock Shop UK, River Island, Loud Apparel, Moque Official, Kid Pik and Rockahulakids

Is this a Kid Bop whirl or is this a Kidz Bop whirl? AND this isn't even all of the media gained over the weekend! Head on over to @globalkidzfashion on instagram here to see Kidz Bop UK 'Sky Kids Special' in prep for Christmas, more dancealongs and MORE news.

We are SO appreciative to everyone as always for all of their amazing support with each project.

Head Stylist: Gemma Sheppard

Assistant Stylist: Kate Hill @ Alegre Media

Until next time, stay fabulous!

Besos Kate and Gemma xox

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