We hope that you are ready to #getglistered you disco divas because at Mini Mode things are going to be getting SPARKLY! There's going to be so much SAS flying around the venue you are not going to be able to focus due to the sparkle.

Just incase you haven't heard London kids’ fashion expert, stylist and creator of Alegre Media, Kate Hill will be launching an AMAZING exclusive collaboration with Galexie Glister at Global Kids Fashion Event, Mini Mode this February 14th and 15th in London.

Galexie Glister X Kate Hill ties EVERYTHING in together. The exclusive ‘DISCO DIVA’ glitter colour which finish off the runway looks in true DISCO style. Kate and Galexie Glister creator, Carlie want everyone to shine all the way from the inside through to the outside. The limited edition colour will be previewed at Mini Mode for the FIRST ever time ever and will then be available to buy online via Galexie's online website here. BUT in the mean time...here is a sneak peek of the MAGIC...

The collaboration has been inspired in the hope of giving the mini rock stars of the world the confidence to SHINE and be anything they want to be. We hope that when wearing GALEXIE GLISTER X KATE HILL glitter, that they will radiate energy, love and fabulousness.

Get ready to SHINE beauties as the disco is coming to you FAST!

Besos Alegre xox

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