Bringing the ENERGY right to you is KIDZBOP UK and USA with their new Youtube 'Dancealong' videos to 'Dance Monkey!' Get ready to bust your moves as you're going to want to boogie to the beat!

First up is the amazing Kidz Bop USA...

Thank you so much to Charlotte Loves and Agatha Ruiz De La Prada for supporting you are absolute stars!!

AND next in line we have the ab fab Kidz Bop UK...

Thank you sO much Agatha Ruiz De La Prada for the FULL looks...the girls look INSANE!

AND just when it couldn't get any better, Kidz Bop UK have announced that they are going to be on CBBC this week performing! Check out their outfits in prep for the magic!

Styled in: Custom Laney, Liberated Folk, Molo, Dolfie Paradise, Billieblush @ CWF, Sock Shop UK and Custom Liberated Folk

Keep your eyes peeled for updates as it is going to be MEGA!

Besos Kate and Gemma xox

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