After releasing our fabulous disco illustration by the incredible Afton Ayache we are SO excited to release a NEW EXCITING cartoon that we have created with @marinanutrifit in celebration of designer Kate Hill's 'DISCO DOLLY DIVA' BOXES which have been created for ALL of the VIRTUAL DISCOS!

AND for all of you that attended Mini Mode in February, you may remember snippets of the cartoon music mix created by the AB FAB DJ Laurie Roe for the exclusive preview of Kate Hill's 'DISCO DOLLY DIVA' collection. For those of you that missed it, fear not as the AMAZING mixes from the runway shows can be listen to right here via Laurie's soundcloud page.

As you all know the 'Kate Hill' HQ LOVE a disco which is why they want to encourage as many DISCO DIVAS to get involved in their VIRTUAL DISCO IDEA with their 'KATE HILL DISCO BOXES!'

The team have put together THREE AMAZING options of 'DISCO DOLLY DIVA' boxes for you to choose from with FABULOUS items from the collection; BRONZE, SILVER and GOLD! AND what's even better is that you can ADD to your box with extras to make it exactly how you want it.

When you're dressed in the 'Kate Hill' disco, the team want to see you busting your moves to Laurie Roe's 'DISCO DOLLY DIVA' music set from Mini Mode in Kate Hill's 'DISCO DOLLY DIVA' runway set which can be listened to here.

Before we reveal more magic which is going to be happening between Laurie and Kate Hill in the weeks to come...Laurie plays LIVE on Facebook every Saturday at 8pm UK time with a different theme. As we said, we are planning BIG things but until we reveal more, please tune in, share the love, TAG US ALL and sparkle in your 'DISCO DOLLY DIVA' pieces!

For those of you who want to join the disco and to shop THE latest fabulous DISCO BOXES, please head on over to The Dress Shop London here to shop shop shop.

We can't wait to DISCO with you all!

Mil Besos Alegre xox

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