We are so excited to be back with Episode 4 of Kate Hill's Disco Dolly Q&A series with their two part series! They have some AMAZING gorgeous Dolly's who have joined the girls and we are so appreciative to them for their amazing support.

Kicking off Episode 4 Series 1 is Kate Hill's creator Kate who is joined by the fabulous Scarlett from South Coast Kidz Ltd. Pictured below wearing Kate Hill's 'My Lips Are Sealed' Face Mask in ' The Colour Boom!'

Scarlett pictured wearing 'My Lips Are Sealed' Face Mask in 'The Colour Boom!'

Check out the Q&A between Kate and Scarlett via YouTube below as she is full of magic.

Brands featured: Kate Hill, ISCREAM, Custom Kate Hill candy sunnies, ByAlona, Little Hotdog Watson, Neon Panda and EmEs collab with Kate Hill.

AND now for Series 2 with the amazing Disco Tara who is joined by the gorgeous Isabella and Rachel.

Isabella pictured wearing 'My Lips Are Sealed' graphic tee by Tara Hanif in collab with Kate Hill!

Rachel pictured wearing 'My Lips Are Sealed' Face Mask in 'The Fever Of The Night!'

Brands featured: Kate Hill, ISCREAM

Thank you so much to all of our gorgeous Dolly's for joining us for this series and to everyone for their amazing support. We are so appreciative for everything and cannot wait for all that is to come this month.

To shop the Disco Dolly Diva collection please head on over to The Dress Shop London here.

Until next time you gorgeous Diva's.

Mil Besos Alegre xox

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