When two FABULOUS beauties join together, magic is made! AND that is EXACTLY what happened when the absolutely incredible stylist/photographer/everything Dani Geddes and model Princess Dior met for an afternoon of fun in celebration of Dior's 8th Birthday.

The girls laughed, danced and disco'd all the way through time together; using a combination of Kate Hill clothing and sunnies in collaboration with Zoobug London. AND from the result of the photos, this is THE combination to create draw dropping creative magic. Here is a peek of the gorgeousness that was created...

Are they just INSANE or are they just INSANE?

To see the full selection of snaps please head on over to our pinterest page here.

You will be blown away...

Thank you so much to Dior and Dani for their magic we are IN LOVE and to Dior's Mum Keisha for capturing all of the BTS excitement.


Photographer/Stylist/Everything: Dani Geddes @danigeddesphotography

Model: Dior @keishaomilana

Designer: Kate Hill 'OH SUGAR' clothing @alevenproduction and 'LAS ESTRELLAS' Glasses in collaboration with Zoobug @zoobuglondon

Mil besos to you all, Alegre xox

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