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The news it too exciting...

Not only has A Curious Society launched their FABULOUS new range of apparel BUT they have included a fabulous selection of Little Hotdog Watson's ICONIC hats in their campaign. A Curious Society has been created by AMAZING Mum, Danielle and her son, Dom who have been HUGE supporters of Alegre from the get go so we couldn't be bursting with proudness any more if we tried. AND as many of you know, creator of Little Hotdog Watson, Emma has been an incredible friend, client and supporter of Alegre for as long as we can remember. So, to say that this collaboration has been a dream would be an understatement as it has been about bringing two INCREDIBLE teams together to create magic....

So, without anymore from us, please join us in celebrating this amazing launch video of A Curious Society's new collection in collaboration with Little Hotdog Watson and their FAB team who made it possible.

Full Credits:

Brands featured @a_curious_society for all tops @littlehotdogwatson for hats @pacheekids for patches

Fabulous models: @wishesandwellies @cocoandkian @waynenicci @taleyah_raiya_models

Media: Danielle @a_curious_society

Thank you so much to EVERYONE again.

We can't wait for more!

Mil Besos xox

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