Roller Disco...

Grab your skates and get ready for the roller disco as this is exactly where we are going to take you...

Such a gorgeous series of snaps by the fabulous photographer Dani Geddes of beauty Isabella who is wearing 'Alegre Kate!' The iconic 'PICK N MIX' Sequin co-ord from her latest 'OH SUGAR' @alevenproduction collection which was showcased at this seasons Virtual 21 Mini Mode show.

If you missed the magic then fear not as you can catch up on it right here...

Video Credits:

Stylist: @Aftonayachecreation

Media: @tosh79

H&M: @wowbeaute

There is so much magic all at once we can't cope! Thank you so much to everyone for all of their fabulousness and to Dani and Isabella for the FULL OF FUN photos showcasing the new 'PICK N MIX' set of 'OH SUGAR' candy magic. Shop Isabella's look by contacting 'Alegre Kate' right here.

Until next time you disco dolls...

Mil Besos Alegre xox

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