We are so excited about the launch of Marbella based personal trainer Jose Zurdo known as 'Eleven To Eleven Trainer' exclusive capsule clothing collection. All designed and made at the highest quality by @alevenproduction under the watchful eye of Jose who not only has a wealth of sporting experience but a true eye to detail when it comes to fashion and what makes an item of clothing perfect to train in.

Jose has more than 25 years’ experience as a personal trainer working with clients both on a mental and physical level to reach their goals. He is known for his creativity and ‘out of the box’ training sessions. His passion and dedication for what he does is why he is very much respected for his work in places such as Madrid, Ibiza and Marbella.

He has established himself as one of the most 'sought-after’ personal trainers and is specifically known for working with TRX Training in Marbella where he is now based.

Jose works with a variety of clients that includes individuals who have never participated in sport before to couples, sporting athletes and celebrities such as Aitor Ocio, Spanish fashion designer Maria Garcio and Rafael Amargo to name a few.

Jose’s strength is that he’s more than a just a personal trainer. He joins them on their fitness journey resulting in a positive life changing experience both on a mental and physical level. Whether this is working one on one with an individual in a football session or preparing a client for a marathon, he is there at every stage providing them with nutritional advice and motivating them which, in turn, improves their physique, helps to build their confidence and leads them to their goal.

Designing a mini clothing range was naturally the next step for Jose; launching a selection of three sporting tops, hat and towel all branded with his iconic logo.

'Fresh Gym' Tank Top in Black

'Fresh Gym' Tank Top in Black

'Fast Run' Tank Top in White mixed with branded 'Sun Hat' in Black, Light and Dark Grey

'Fast Run' Tank Top in White

'Smooth Sport' Tee in White

All of the materials have been sourced, tried and tested by Jose himself, to create what he feels are the perfect products to be active and to feel stylish in. The collection targets athletes sporting individuals and those who want that EXTRA fashionable sportswear...even if they aren't carrying out sports.

This is just the beginning with more drops to come...BUT for now we hope that you enjoy what is launching NOW...!

For exclusive orders please contact @alevenproduction direct and place your order.

Photo Credits:

Designer: @eleventoeleventrainer

Model: @maru_lamarine

Photos: @olishobby

Clothing Production: @alevenproduction

Stylist: @kate_e_hill@alegremedia

Mil Besos Alegre xox

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