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We hope that you are ready for our mini round up of the 'OH SO FABULOUS' Mini Mode Virtual Show which took place a couple of weeks ago! We were so lucky to be given the opportunity to showcase a few of the new styles from the NEW Kate Hill 'OH SUGAR' @alevenproduction clothing and 'LAS ESTRELLAS' exclusive sunglasses collection with the amazing Zoobug.

Before the show started the AMAZING Mini Mode team were s kind to grab a few minutes with Kate to discuss all things SUGAR! To watch the full interview please visit their instagram page here.

The show took place across two days! One day for industry and one day for consumer. The team did such a FABULOUS job and we are so proud of the magic that they created. Here's a mini clip of some of the new styles from the collection; combining some from Kate's previous 'Disco Dolly Diva' collection, the new 'OH SUGAR' collection and items from the stylist!

NEW styles from the 'OH SUGAR' collection include the following and can all be pre ordered direct from Kate now...

'Cotton Candy' Pink Jacket, Disco Dolly Necklace and MIA double star ring, The Heartbreaker Cami, Razzle Dazzle Biker Short in Double Bubble AND LOLA Kate Hill x Zoobug Sunglasses! Thank you so much to Joypots for the Vegan candy collaboration.

'Toffee Crunch' Gold Star Jacket paired with 'GLO' Kate Hill x Zoobug sunglasses in sunshine yellow.

'Pick N Mix' sequin jacket and short set paired with 'Disco Dolly' Necklace paired with THE VIP PETS custom dolls and wigs.

To watch the FULL show of fabulous please see below! We hope you are ready as there is about to be so much love, light and magic shared VIRTUALLY.

We are so proud of everyone involved and cannot thank everyone enough for ALL of their hard work. We can't wait to share the full 'OH SUGAR' collection with you in a series of snaps BUT for now here is a mini peak of the full collection here via our pinterest page. To become part of the 'LAS ESTRELLAS' magic, all Kate Hill X Zoobug styles can be bought direct online here.

We may have not been able to be there but that doesn't mean that you can't feel the SUGAR! Please help us share all of the MINI MODE fabulousness with the world.

Sending so much love to you all.


Media and Still Images: @tosh73


H&M: @wowbeaute

Stylist: @aftonayachecreation

Mil Besos Alegre xox

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